Resolve-Ables: Visualize AI Nose Classifications With Light Painting

Chris Hill


This project is a remix of: Benjamin Cabé’s Artificial Nose Project & Shawn Hymel’s Sensor Fusion AI Nose Project

Inspired by these two projects, I wanted to create a system where two phenomena (smell and ML classification) could be visible. My approach is through light painting, where the TFT screen on the Seeed Studio’s Wio Terminal is photographed using long exposure to visualize the smells the AI nose detects and its confidence in the classification. The way it’s currently programmed the color changes based on the scent recognized, and the circle on the TFT gets bigger or smaller based on the model’s confidence in its classification (more confident = larger circle), but this can be reprogrammed to any mapping you like. For the video above, blue is cologne, and white is ambient room smell.