The purpose of this project was on the creation of novel, computationally-enriched “sensory extensions” that allow for augmented-sensing of the natural world. My major effort with this project was devoted to the fabrication and implementation of sensory augmentations that will extend a sense through sensors and respond with a tactile output for the user. The intent is to enable anyone to fabricate their own sensory extensions, and map intrinsically human/animal senses onto hardware. Effectively extending our senses in new and exciting ways that will lead to a better understanding of how our brain is able to adapt to new external senses.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. 1736051.

The project was developed in the Lab for Playful Computation and Craft Tech Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder.


Cat Whisker Sensory Extension Wearable (2.0)


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