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One of my class assignments was to use the BBC Micro:bit to interface with a Scratch program we’ve written. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to use my ThreadBoard to create an embedded system! My inspiration for the scratch program comes from vintage handheld electronic games that my mother would get for me and my brother from the Goodwill or the corner store. I have many fond memories of those dusty LCDs, discolored plastic casings, and buttons that would mysteriously stick when pressed. I particularly remember the racing games that we would play (e.g. figure 2) where you could only shift between two lanes to dodge oncoming cars. In the spirit of revisiting my youth, I’ve recreated this type of game in Scratch.

The Micro:bit’s accelerometer is used to control the steering of the car, and the two switches are used to control the car’s horn. Scratch is used to play the driving game, titled: BBC Micro Driver.

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