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Paper published at FabLearn 2020

Created by Michael Schneider.

Are you learning to program an Arduino microcontroller, but wish the Arduino IDE provided some tools for debugging? Follow this Instructable to learn how to use the ArduinoDebugger, a C++ library, to debug your Arduino sketches.

The ArduinoDebugger provides the following tools:

  • Variable tracking : view and update variable values at runtime
  • Hardware pin tracking : view and update the state of hardware pins at runtime
  • Breakpoints : pause a running program to check on variables and hardware pins.
  • Print Statements : view variables and hardware pins as they change

To try out the ArduinoDebugger, follow the next two steps to include the custom library and load the example program.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award #1742081. The project page can be found here.

This project (formerly known as PinStatus) was developed in the Craft Tech Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder.